Open Street Map project was founded in 2004, this project mainly was focused for mapping United Kingdom.

The creator of this program Open Street Map seen problem that government funds many projects like this, but all fails down.

Lucky for us this product got foundation from United Kingdom government and in late 2006 Yahoo announced that Open Street Map could be used as a backdrop for map production

Years after years this free project become more and more evolving and interacting so every year more people come and join to this project to help project evolve.

In many years Open Street Map project imported many countries road system maps.

2008 years project reached line when it could be transferred to GPS units.

And as we know that in 2012 google maps launched pricing politics many of users came to still free Open Street Map system.

This mapping program are now used world class GPS navigator TopTom and every day project Open Street Map are growing and expanding and it is free.

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world.

This program works mainly on volunteered geographic information that we get from volunteers and their portable GPS devices.

This project is mainly crowd sourced data project and it is working on Open Database License so it is free and it can be edited and used by anyone whom are interested to make Open Street Map program better and faster.

The site is supported as a nonprofit organization so any helps would be more than appreciate.

Why Open Street map?

Because Open Street Map is Free and works opposite as a “Google"

Because google has us all in her hands and we all remember what has happen when “SKYNET” from Terminator movie did when has do much power in computers mind.

The world was destroyed and our freedom disappeared.

U may say what a nonsense but sure is one yours freedom already are taken by GOOGLE. You are constantly followed and tracked and you cannot hide from Google.

Google started in early 1998 and it was simple search engine to make people search in internet more easer and not so complicated. But happen same as with “Skynet” Google become force that spams yours search every day, yours videos, smartphones, laptops, Google glasses, navigations.

And every day that big “hydra” evaluates and spams more our time in internet.

I should remember you that “Google” is not only internet, it is big company with massive money source and that company expands and buys high technology companies and migrates from internet to our casual world.

In nearly five years from now that company “Google” may hold all info from yours day schedule, what you do, where you walk, where you drive, what you eat, what you like listen and what you dislike.

So many sentences I wrote only for that you understand that free project will never ever follow you, track you, send yours info for further commercial or spamming structures.

Think about this that you driver home at stopped somewhere where you should stop, and said to yours wife you drive directly home, and next morning you get promotional spam mail from google and that place you were yesterday with some discount to return there back.

And imagine how yours wife were happy to know that you do not told here truth and imagine how happy you were in that position and all happens because you use google on yours navigation, which tracks yours travel, and imagine how all could be if you use “Open Street Map” and no one track yours trips and you were fee from spam tracking.