13 astounding maps to commend 13 long stretches of OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap, a communitarian network undertaking to outline world, is praising thirteen long stretches of helping clients discover their direction.

Maps have been helping people discover their way since the start of recorded time, however in the cutting edge time of information, who possesses the guide you utilize, and what impact does that have on how you can utilize it?

OpenStreetMap (OSM) was established to give a path to the worldwide network to develop a guide of the world which is accessible for anybody to use, for any reason they see fit, under a free and open permit.


The correct date of OpenStreetMap's birthday is, as per the authority wiki, "lost in the sands of time." The people group has received August ninth, 2004, the day when OpenStreetMap.org was first enlisted, as their commemoration to celebrate, and consistently holds birthday parties the world over close by that date. This year, numerous will occur somewhat later in the week, on August 13, however you should check for areas close you.

We are celebrating as well, by bringing you thirteen maps which use or expand the awesome trove of open information made by mapping fans the world over. Notwithstanding the information itself being open, a large number of these tasks use open source programming to help render the information contained in OpenStreetMap for clients to interface with. Some simply utilize OSM as a base guide, while others truly set the information to work in new and intriguing ways. So appreciate these thirteen intelligent maps, and in the event that you have a most loved OSM-fueled guide, let us know in the remarks underneath.

Square Mile Street Network

This undertaking thinks about one square mile of city road systems from urban communities around the globe. Something other than a method for producing pretty outlines, road systems can disclose to you a great deal about how a place is associated and how neighbours have the chance to cooperate with each other (or not). The product to work with OpenStreetMap road arrange information in Python, OSMnx, is open source, and you can create your own with this Jupiter note pad.

OSM Then and Now

OSM Then and Now investigates at OpenStreetMap, not exactly the distance toward the start, but rather amid a preview from October of 2007. Ten years prior, OpenStreetMap was still extremely Europe-driven. A significant part of whatever remains of the world needed even fundamental roadway data, and the kind of information gathered was substantially more restricted. You can see the huge improvement the network has set aside a few minutes that has passed. Look at the source code on GitHub.

10 Years of OpenStreetMap

Another representation demonstrating how OpenStreetMap has changed as the years progressed, this one is especially fascinating in light of the fact that it demonstrates the information transiently with a slider. You can see augmentations and out of this world online in the course of recent years, and the entirety is totally interesting.

20 Years of OpenStreetMap

Best of OpenStreetMap

The Best of OpenStreetMap is a guide that shows off not simply different purposes of enthusiasm around the globe, however a portion of the spots with what must be depicted as unbelievably well-done cartography. The level of detail and thickness of data appeared on a portion of these featured areas would make any visual creator envious.

Demonstrate to Me The Way

Demonstrate to Me The Way is an all the more constant take a gander at OpenStreetMap's altering history. It bobs you over the globe, indicating alters from OSM clients chipping away at different activities in a wide range of districts, and remembering the means of their line and polygon creation. Even more a toy than whatever else, it's exceptionally fascinating just to set it and look for some time.

Arranged Cities

Arranged Cities is somewhat unique in relation to alternate things on this rundown, in that it's to a lesser degree a conventional guide and to a greater extent a pictorial portrayal of the structures in a place. As its name proposes, Sorted Cities will take the majority of the structures in a specific zone, and, well, sort them from biggest to littlest, making a blurb commendable yield of wherever for which OSM had building information.


For prepare buffs like me, it's continually interesting to perceive how whatever remains of the world is associated by rail (and for my situation, how a long way behind my area is contrasted with different regions around the globe). OpenRailwayMap gives rain data as recorded in OSM, including data about framework, greatest speeds, and flagging capacities.


Do you appreciate investing energy outside? In case you're in the United States, maybe you've gained an accumulation of USGS topographic maps for your most loved climbs. In any case, because of OpenTopoMap, you can get topographic data from around the globe for nothing, helping you maintain a strategic distance from (or go for) that next huge slope.

Guide for Environment

Mapping is a basic segment of ecological protection projects, and Map for Environment looks to associate natural experts and supporters with the information that can control their missions. The following is a guide of logging streets in the Congo bowl, however look at their site for an extensive variety of various informational indexes to investigate.


Is OpenStreetMap valuable in case you're going where there are no lanes to be mapped? With OpenSeaMap, the appropriate response may in any case be yes. Giving free nautical route graphs, OpenSeaMap encourages you discover guides, floats, port data, and the sky is the limit from there.

Open Source Routing Machine

In case you're accustomed to utilizing business web mapping apparatuses, you may underestimate steering, however finding the most ideal path from indicate A point B can be a muddled calculation to make sense of. The Open Source Routing Machine is one of a few open source ventures conveying open source wayfinding to open information sources.


Bitcoin may appear to be anything but difficult to spend on the web, yet utilizing it in the physical world can be testing. Discover areas of Bitcoin-tolerating merchants, and at bring down zoom levels, a warmth guide of where sellers are grouped, utilizing Coinmap.org.

Worldwide Noise Pollution

The world is a loud place. How uproarious? For what reason not look at the Global Noise Pollution guide to discover. Utilizing information about street size and nearness, and in addition arrive utilize attributes, this guide endeavors to make a worldwide overlay of anticipated encompassing commotion levels. You may need to bookmark this before next time you go flat chasing!


Searching for additional? There's a ton going ahead with open source mapping. Look at this rundown of OpenStreetMap-based administrations for much more great activities. One week from now, open source geospatial experts and devotees from around the globe are assembling in Boston for FOSS4G to gain from each other and make the up and coming age of open source maps and mapping devices.