Open Street Map FAQ

What is OpenStreetMap? What's more, what is the OpenStreetMap Foundation?

OpenStreetMap is an open activity to make and give free geographic information, for example, road maps to any individual who needs them. It is an enormous online cooperation, with countless enrolled clients around the world.

The OpenStreetMap Foundation is a not-for-profit association, a lawful body consolidated by the recorder of organizations for England and Wales.

What is the reason for the OpenStreetMap Foundation?

The objective of the establishment is to help yet not control the OpenStreetMap venture. It is devoted to empowering the development, advancement and appropriation of free geospatial information and to giving geospatial information to anyone to utilize and share.

The OpenStreetMap Foundation was framed to empower parts of the venture not effectively refined by singular mappers. For example, the OpenStreetMap Foundation possesses the OpenStreetMap servers, and holds sponsorship stores from benefactors.

For more data see the OSMF About page.

Who may turn into an individual from the OpenStreetMap Foundation?

Any individual may turn into an individual from the OpenStreetMap Foundation by paying the yearly participation expense. Corporate enrollment has been accessible since September 2013.

What number of representatives does the OpenStreetMap Foundation have?

The OpenStreetMap Foundation has no workers. All OSMF exercises are performed by volunteers. This implies we're a lean, productive association with regards to spending the gave reserves, yet it has a few impediments. We may think about going up against paid staff later on.

Will an agent of OSMF go to and talk at my occasion?

One of the OSMF exercises is to advance the utilization of OpenStreetMap information. We will happily attempt to compose some person from the Foundation or a related gathering for your occasion on the off chance that you think about the accompanying focuses:

• OpenStreetMap is a base up, grass roots, activity, all the time it will be more fitting for an individual from the neighborhood OSM people group to speak to OSM at your occasion.

• The OSMF is a volunteer association, you are requesting that some individual utilize individual extra time to go to your occasion. This suggests from one perspective you have to put forth a decent defense why your occasion warrants endeavoring and on the other that you have to ask early. In the event that you are welcoming us as an untimely idea, you ought not anticipate that us will think about your demand with high need.

• The yearly spending plan of OSMF isn't extensive, any movement costs genuinely impacts utilizing the gave stores for the expected reason, which commonly isn't supporting your occasion. Any ask for attendence from the OSMF ought to incorporate an offer to cover travel costs or a justifiable reason motivation behind why going to the occasion promotes OSMF's objectives.

Where do I get OpenStreetMap information?

This is the crude information depicting the places of streets, waterways, towns, focuses interests and so forth. It can be utilized to make a guide, yet isn't a guide. In the event that you need that, wrong inquiry, see "Where do I get OpenStreetMap maps?"!

The best beginning stage is a depiction of the OpenStreetMap database. It is in XML organize. Information is accessible for the entire world and is refreshed routinely. Littler concentrates for specific nations and parts of the world are additionally accessible.

You can compose projects and contents effortlessly to separate what you need or you can utilize a portion of the apparatuses and methodology created by the OpenStreetMap people group.

Is OpenStreetMap information free?

Truly. There are no expenses or eminence installments of any sort.

Are there limitations on utilizing OpenStreetMap information?

There are no limitations on who can utilize the information. People, clubs, social orders, foundations, academe, government, business organizations. When we say everybody, we mean everybody.

There are no limitations on where you can utilize the information. Secretly or openly. Monetarily or non-industrially. Paper maps, electronic maps, books, daily papers, TV, gazeteers, look frameworks, steering, diversions … or without a doubt anything you can think about that will astonish us.

There are two limitations, some call them flexibilities, on how you utilize the information. See the accompanying areas on Attribution and Share-Alike.


We might want you to tell individuals where you got your information from.

Offer Alike

We might want more information to be made openly and uninhibitedly accessible. We utilize the ODbL 1.0 as our dissemination permit. In the event that you enhance our information and need to appropriate the new information, it must be done under a similar permit. On the off chance that you make a guide, you are allowed to distribute that under whatever permit you like as long as you quality OSM effectively.

Where do I get OpenStreetMap maps?

In the event that you are not making your own particular maps, the rundown of assets for OpenStreetMap maps made by OpenStreetMap people group individuals, clubs and organizations develops step by step. OpenStreetMap cases.

On the off chance that you simply need to perceive what our maps can look like go to . The "+" catch in the upper right corner gives you the alternative to pick distinctive styles.

In the event that you need an electronic guide of a particular territory rapidly, the Export tab of permit you download a guide of your chose region as JPEG picture, PDF document or in different configurations.

Or on the other hand you may need outline.

What is a guide tile?

Guide tiles are made by partitioning the guide into squares and influencing a picture to document, for example, .png or .jpg, for each square. Sets of guide tiles can be made for various zoom levels. There is one guide tile demonstrating the entire world. There are four guide tiles making up the entire world at the following zoom level, 16 at the following et cetera directly down to many thousands for demonstrating the entire world at a nearby neighborhood level of detail.

Would i be able to utilize your guide tiles?

We are on a fundamental level cheerful for our guide tiles to be utilized by outer clients for innovative and sudden utilizations – rather than most web mapping suppliers.

Nonetheless, the OpenStreetMap servers are run totally on gave assets. They have entirely constrained limit. Overwhelming utilization of OSM tiles unfavorably influences individuals' capacity to see and alter the guide, and is a manhandle of the individual gifts and sponsorship which give equipment and data transmission. Accordingly, we ask for that clients of the tiles keep the tile utilization strategy. OpenStreetMap tile administrations can likewise be acquired from other outsiders, or you can examine setting up your very own tile server.

Do you offer counseling or business administrations?

No. There are organizations who spend significant time in business administrations based upon OpenStreetMap information. Those organizations might have the capacity to encourage you. As arrangement, the Foundation makes no supports or proposals.